MEDA101 Sound Piece

My MEDA101 sound project relating to ‘Where I am From’ is about combining two types of distinct sounds for myself which represent home for me. Since moving away from home phone calls are how I’m kept in touch with my family, manly happening around dinner time when both my parents are home from work. A text is always sent before a call is made to see if my parents are free to talk. Growing up my Mum never finished work till late, so dinner time was when the family would be together. The sounds I’ve included in the ‘phone call’ are those I heard at night when hearing about the day my parents and sister had. The T.V sounds are very distinct to me as my sister and I would always watch ‘Friends’ while my Mum would have Channel 9 news on in the background. They may be menial sounds, but provoke powerful memories for myself.



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