Material Discourse Emerges

From the previous six weeks, there have been several areas emerge within materialising the digital. Expressing Digitality (Textuality and expression) is the area in which my assignment falls under. The political side of my work and the fashion both fit well into this idea.


The power of texts is so important. More so than just the meaning of the words too. The type of font used is important in conveying the message. This is known as typography.






Music and images are so prevalent within the 21st Century especially in advertising, that sometimes it only takes a few clever pieces of text to really pull an advertisement together.



There will always be a place for written texts, especially in the art world. People tend to not think of words when it comes to artistic practice, but they are extremely important. Often it is a few simple words which create a powerful message. There are so many different works involving words. Often these are projections on buildings or blank walls. No fuss and no frills art which lets the viewer think about the messages the words are conveying.  Sometimes modern art is not always understood by everyone but words are. Reading a text to get a message across, a viewer might not agree with it, but they will understand it.


The cliché, the pen is mightier than the sword is true in the art world. Signage is particularly powerful and useful in getting politic messages out there, so why not the same for art?


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