Prac Wk. 1

This weeks work began with looking at artists who had used both text and projection to get a political message across to their audience. This was the first problem the group discovered. Trying to be democratic and fit individual pieces from everyone’s projects into making one major work.


Our idea for this class was to use two projectors and project text onto the ground and the other aimed at the wall. The idea of this work was from Jenny Holzer and her text projection of political messages onto buildings. We wanted to use more than one projector for multi layering of text and to also allow for some audience interaction of standing underneath the projector directed at the ground, this would then show a shadow of the text on the wall.

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We faced many technical difficulties with the projectors not working properly. But we learnt a lot of what is possible to achieve in a small amount of time. This failure I believe set us up for thinking about we wanted to do for the remainder of the semester. We learnt that although it was a good thing to work as a group, trying to fit too many ideas into one work proved to be too difficult.


Holzer’s works were definitely different from what I originally stated as a major work, the similarity was the political messages behind them.


The difficulties faced this week were annoying when we only had limited time to create a work and present it to the class. This lesson though taught the importance of preparation before class.


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