Prac Wk. 2

This week’s work started off as one idea and ended up being a completely different one. In short, it was an absolute disaster.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.49.00 pm                                 Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.49.20 pm

We started off yet again trying to incorporate too many ideas at once. We wanted to do multi-layer text projection again, but to also project through fabric to create a different effect. We couldn’t get the correct text onto the projector, the fabric was too sheer and we could not pin it up. So we ended up making a ‘mountain’ out of think black felt and layering the white fabric over the top to be snow. We then found a manicians head which we placed on top of the ‘mountain’ and projected an X on to it. This was to represent death.


It was an extremely mismatched piece of work which really did not show case any of our skills or interests. Apart from a political message about the environment, but even then from week to week we did not have a strong political message we were all passionate about enough to make an artwork about.


After this week’s lesson we decided to split into smaller groups and work on individual skills and messages that we could then bring back to the group to hopefully create a larger work incorporating everything.


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