PRAC Wk. 4

Looking back on last week’s work which we thought was quiet successful we decided to narrow our ideas down even more. Feminism is the decided political topic. We have also decided to keep the group quiet small as to not try and have too many things going on at once.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.17.04 am

The major idea my group is wishing to continue with is a projection combining data, images and small amounts of text.

Using three huge screens to represent billboards, our work will focus on an advertising effect to make our message of feminism simple and accessible to the masses. As advertising allows.


The current idea to put into practice next week is as follows:


  • The three ‘billboards’ will be placed in the following positions. One against a wall with a projection of a city scape on it. It will be night time so the lights of the city will be much more dramatic. The other two billboards will be parallel to each other allowing the audience to walk between them. The city scape projection will be at the end of this ‘travel’ experience.
  • On one of the two projection screens facing the other projections of influential and famous feminists throughout history with quotes by them displayed at speaking pace with a purple background which is the colour of equality.
  • The projection screen opposite will display a projection of statics relating to women and men and how society feels about certain issues relating to feminism.



This so far is what we have come up with for our final art work. The mixture of projection, interaction and data should create an interesting work.


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