MEDA101 Task 3


<p><a href=”″>MEDa301 Moving Images Task 3</a> from <a href=”″>Gabrielle Ramponi</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>




Looking up at the sky and seeing the sun is something that I always associate with being at home. The clear country sky is filled with stars at night and the sun sets are so bright. Growing up in a drought the sky was always bright blue and clear. This is something I wanted to capture in the sky here in Wollongong. The fact that I may not be at home but can still see the same sky if I was there makes me feel a little closer to home. I decided to explore the subject of light through the sun, or man-made lights which I encounter much more often in the city.  The sounds I chose juxtapose the images on the screen. Sounds I hear at home and the industrial concrete around me. Really these sounds are simply the background noises I hear in my day to day life. I also included the telephone sounds again to show how I do still connect with home. By using the harshness of the sounds and images I tried to show the contradiction that society has for us. The rough edges around us which can confine us and the wide open freeing sky. I decided to interchange the ‘soft’ images with harsher lights and sounds that I see less often, but are still apart of my life.



I am not entirely happy with my editing, but this is something that I can work on in the future.


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