After having two weeks off class and working on our works while communicating regularly as a group. We meet up to assemble the projectors and finalise the images we were going to choose to project onto the screens.


Having the put the projectors up again and re-align them with the screens took the longest amount of time, but we managed to get them as near as perfect as we could.


The content we decided on were a mixture of photo shopped ads made by everyone in the group.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We had these images playing one after another on the two screens. To make an advertising platform art. To get the message across about feminism and how old and new images can come together to show that some things have changed. While others have not.



Working together in a group proved to have many learning curves, especially for an artistic subject. Trying to incorporate everyone’s findings and ideas did lead to some difficult decisions and compromises being made. But also gave us the ideas of what working in a creative industry would be like in a team environment. After having a few years of solo works, having the final assignment for uni to be in a group proved to be quiet a blessing. Also dealing with time restraints given to us each week before having to present what we had achieved as a group, I believe benefitted us greatly.

As the final project for the MEDA major at UOW there were certain things that were difficult to adjust too at first such as group work incorporating everyone skills. But with all group members being passionate about the subject matter of feminism and willing to try new skills such as photoshop it worked out to be successful.

Focussing on feminism was an important topic for myself and others in the group. Being able to create our own take on advertisements which are so prevalent not just now but also in the past and how society and feminism has changed for the better.


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