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So after every person in Australia watched ‘The War on Waste’ on the ABC a few weeks ago, the country seems to have gone into over drive with use of re-useable coffee cups. Which is so good!

But there is still so much more that can be done to help the environment, especially in relation to food wastage. Where I work is super into reducing food waste, especially as we work directly with food.

Woolworths got the ball rolling yesterday promising to eliminate plastic bags from their store. Coles released a statement later the same day along with Big W, BWS and Dan Murphys were also to follow through with banning the bag.

Resuable Coffee cups

Not only are you saving something that can not be recycled, but also saving yourself a few cents each caffeine hit. Most cafes are reducing the cost of a coffee that is bought with a reusable cup as in turn the establishment is saving money not using cups they have to buy.





Seen the video of the poor sea turtle with the straw up its nose? Yeah that’s where your straw you ‘need’ to drink your choccy milk can end up. Straws are pointless. Don’t use them.


I know it’s difficult to carry around a knife and fork but use alternatives to plastic throw away ones. Ones made with wood based materials are recyclable.

Food packaging

Going to the supermarket often means coming home with 5 half broken plastic bags, not to mention all the fruit and vegetable bags containing food that already has a protective layer on it. I’m looking at you people who put bananas in bags. Don’t do it. For the produce that does need to go into bags buy reusable ones. Much more pretty too! This site has a heap of different re-useable options too.

Food mileage

Something a lot of consumers aren’t aware of is the mileage and carbon footprint their food has. The further food has to travel, the greater the impact it has on the environment. That is why it is so important to buy as local as possible. Not to just support local growers and industries but also the reduce the amount of energy created to transport your food to you. Also buying food in season helps a lot with this. Instead of flying in berries from overseas, wait until Summer when they are at their best.


Shopping at the right places, making a list and thinking before you pick up a packet of pre-wrapped sweet potatoes are all ways to reduce the plastic and waste that we throw away.


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