Hey guys!

My name is Gabbi (no one calls me Gabrielle). I’m a 4th year student studying a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Media and Communication Studies at University of Wollongong in Australia. I’m majoring in Sociology, Digital and International Media. So a triple threat! I choose this degree two weeks before uni applications cut off in a moment of sheer panic of what to do at 17, BUT I’m very glad I did. So far I’ve enjoyed every aspect of my degree, some of it has been rather challenging, but that is why I am here at university. To challenge myself and to gain new skills to assist me further in life. Oh and of course to get a job! (Please don’t let there be another financial crisis right when I graduate.)

My favourite things include cake, O.K all types of food, swimming, my dog and wasting my time looking at GIFs. I can find one for every situation. Luckily BCM seems to encourage this!


Me + cake

Me + cake


My current obsessions include The Walking Dead (I love Daryl forever), Instagram, fashion blogs, glossy magazines, beautiful sun rise and sun sets and the company of my beautiful and hilarious friends and family. I love street art, elephants and provoking conversation.


My spirit friend

My spirit friend



What I’ve learnt at uni so far is to trust yourself, get your work done early (lol jks), don’t be afraid to ask for help and that sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ones. The early bird really does get the worm, so take every opportunity given to you. (Yes, of course I had to put a cliche in somewhere) Oh and to always, alway, always proof read. And don’t be the person that leaves all their stuff at a library computer and then walks away for 2 hours. Do not ever be that person.


Everyone else in the library is thinking it too

Everyone else in the library is thinking it too


My current ambition for after I graduate is to work in television. Either in Australia or overseas, particularly in Asia on a news or reality program. I love to learn and so I try to constantly stay up to date with current events, my social media habits allow me to do that quite well! But another job that I think would be quite cool to work in is being apart of a team that manages the social media for a company, person or event.

I hope you guys all enjoy reading my blog, I try to make things I write about relatable, but please feel free to comment. The only way I’ll get better at writing is if I get feedback. Just plz don’t make me cry.



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